Pool ownership is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose Kiker Pools & Spas as your professional pool service company, rest assured that your pool is in good hands. With more than 39 years of experience, our professional service and maintenance team is ready to take on the responsibility, giving you the time you need to do what’s most important – enjoy your pool.

We take pride in being able to provide professional care for your pool. Contact us today to set up a pool service or maintenance schedule that works best for you.

Equipment Service

Kiker Pools and Spas also specializes in pool repair. Should an issue arise with any of your pool and spa equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. The only thing worse than an equipment or maintenance issue is one that isn't taken care of in a timely manner. Our trained technicians are able to repair and service any equipment.

Contact us today to speak with one of our pool care specialists to learn what maintenance program would work best for you and your pool or to speak with one of our service repair technicians.

Equipment Upgrades

The term energy efficiency is oftentimes thought of as a buzz phrase, touting the latest trends in environmentally-friendly living, however, as a pool owner, energy efficiency means so much more. Not only does energy-efficient pool and spa equipment reduce pool operating costs, but it also cuts down on energy usage and saves water. And at Kiker Pools and Spas, we are dedicated to giving both you and the environment a little break.

Pool and spa equipment manufacturers offer a variety of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products that can help pool owners save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on their electricity bills. While there is a greater initial investment to incorporate energy-efficient equipment, the rate of return, in the long run, is worth it.

Leak Detection

There's nothing wrong with a little pool water loss. In fact, a healthy pool can lose on average a 1/4 inch a day or 2 inches per week depending on environmental conditions, normal pool use, water temperature and even backwashing the filter. Problematic water loss should be addressed immediately, as extensive damage can occur if not, and that's where we come in.

If you notice your pool water drops more than 2 inches in a week, see puddles forming underneath pool equipment, have air in your system, or notice cracks forming in your pool's foundation, it's time to give us a call.

Pool & Hot Tub Inspection

A swimming pool or hot tub is a great investment for your home. There is a sense of confidence in the quality of the pool if you hired the contractor, selected the materials and design, and were actively involved throughout the project. But what if you are purchasing a home with an existing pool or hot tub? How would you know if it is working as intended? Are there any repairs needed? Kiker Pools and Spas offers residential pool and hot tub inspection services to put your mind at ease.

We perform a visual and operational inspection of the pool or hot tub and equipment. After our inspection is completed, we provide a report with repair recommendations and referrals to capable companies.

Pool Maintenance

Most pool owners understand the importance of keeping their pools and spas clean, chemically balanced, and properly maintained, but few have the time or desire to do it themselves. With Kiker Pools and Spas, you don't have to! Our adept, dependable maintenance technicians specialize in handling the hard work so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, not laboring over it.

A typical service visit includes:

  • Brush & vacuum
  • Clean skimmer/pump baskets
  • Backwash filtration equipment and check pumps
  • Inspect filtration equipment
  • Monitor, test, and adjust water chemistry
  • Available on an as-needed or regular basis

Commercial Service

Kiker Pools and Spas offers commercial pool services to a variety of corporate clients in Monroe and surrounding areas who know they can trust us to keep their facilities clean, safe, and conforming to all government regulations. Whether you require a detailed maintenance and cleaning package or a complete renovation of your commercial pool and spa area, we’ll assess your needs and work with you to design a customized solution.

Schedule Service, Maintenance or Repair

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Hear From Our Customers

Kiker Pools and Spa transformed my ordinary, boring backyard into a fun-filled recreational paradise. The experience was delightful from start to finish. The friendly staff assisted my wife and me, in planning and design. They showed us several options that fit our budget. We decided to go with the 18×28 oval pool. My wife and I, as well as my entire family, are extremely happy with the end results. We are all so glad we chose Kiker Pools and Spas, and wish to thank them for a life-changing experience.

VincenZo A.