Water Testing

Bring in a water sample for free water testing and expert advice from our staff of true professionals. We are here to serve you and make sure your swimming pool is always in pristine condition. Have questions about maintaining your pool? No problem! We will help you find the right products that will minimize costs and maintain a sparkling pool year-round.


Quality chemicals keep your pool and spa in pristine shape, and we carry a large selection of top-brand chlorine, shock, algaecide, sanitizers, and much more.

Safety Covers

We also offer pool safety covers and installation services. Whether you have small children and are in need of a pool safety cover, or simply need a barrier to protect your pool from the elements, we offer a wide range of quality pool covers. We sell and install pool covers and offer a range of innovative cover solutions for added pool safety, energy efficiency, and protection from nature. Call us today to discuss your pool cover options.